Easy Access Newborn Vests

newborn easy access vest

I have to say that I’m rather partial to these “wrap-over” style vests from H&M. One of the most difficult things about dressing a newborn is trying to get things over their head without almost breaking their neck. The wibbly wobbly head is nigh on impossible to control as you try to guide it through the hole, and then you have to attempt to get the arms into the sleeves, which is a whole other challenge…

So yes. These little vests from H&M open out flat, sort of one long piece of fabric, and you can then lay the newborn in the middle and wrap the other parts around them. All newborn vests should be designed this way! They are also very useful if there’s been a poo explosion, because you can just un-pop them at the front and lift the baby away, rather than having to drag a vest up or down the body and spread muck everywhere. (I know that mosts vests have those sort of “slits” at the neck, so that you can pull them down over the shoulders rather than having to go over the head, but it’s almost as much faff, I find!)

I bought this little bear vest just before Ted was born – they don’t seem to have it online now (shame, it’s so cute!) but they’re always bringing out new prints. The plain cotton pima two-pack is £14.99 here.

Baby Mori also do little wrap vests, and the fabric they use for their baby stuff is quite literally the softest fabric I’ve ever felt in my life! A bit pricier, but well worth the extra if you can splash out – their website is here.

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