An Easy (Affordable) Everyday Makeup Look

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Some of the Youtube-phobes amongst you might actually like this video; it’s really short and I don’t speak! I’m planning on doing a few more music-only videos, mostly because it’s a relief not to have to sit there listening to the sound of my own voice for hours on end as I edit. I’m not sure that they’re as effective, really, when it comes to showing how the makeup is applied, but…a change is as good as a rest and all that jazz.

This video is an “affordable everyday makeup look”. I was trying out bits and bobs, researching for my Makeup Starter Kit video which will be out in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, two of the staple products featured no longer exist. They are both from Avon – an eight colour neutrals palette and the Earthen Rose blush that I have been harping on about for years. It’s just a brilliant matte bronzer or contour for very fair skin and I’m incredibly sad that they’ve stopped making it. Especially as I spent about six hours filming and editing a video with it in! Fear not, though, for I have tracked down the eyeshadow palette on Amazon here, and if you want an alternative to the Earthen Rose then I’d go for the Honey Bronze bronzer from The Body Shop (here) – I use shade 2, but if you’re really fair then shade 1 will do the trick.

avon neutrals palette

I’m not going to do a step-by-step here, as the video is so short. The only thing that might need explaining in a little more detail is the eye makeup; I started with a wash of the paler shades (second and fourth from the left) over the lids and then used the dark brown (sixth across) in a “V” along the outer corner of the lashline and into the socket line. I then buffed out the brown shadow with a fluffy brush. I used a little brown shadow on the lower lashline, too, but only took it along about halfway, again, so really just defining and smoking the outer corners. My usual “daytime” routine, I suppose, though I did add eyeliner in the waterline and mascara top and bottom.

ruth crilly model makeup video

But as I said, it’s all there in this short and sweet video and it will all hopefully be mildly entertaining. The music is by a childhood friend of mine, Sadie Fleming, so hit the play button if only to give her a listen. You can find a full list of the products that I used below – and if you want to buy any of the fabulous Zoeva brushes I’ve been using recently then you can get 10% off everything at the POM store. See below for the code!

(P.S. just having a little chuckle to myself about the totally random pictures I’ve chosen to illustrate this post. They make very little sense. But how lovely is that base before the eyes go on? (Middle photo.) I’m absolutely head-over-heels with the Bourjois Cream Blush, it really lifts and freshens your face. Top “bargain” buy, that.)

Music by Sadie Fleming: track is “Til the End”. Find tour dates and more music here:

Products Used:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation “Vanilla”:

Dermablend Concealer stick shade 15 – the new version is amazing and it is currently 1/3 off here:

Max Factor Creme Puff powder in “translucent”:

Avon Blush in Earthen Rose: discontinued, but try Body Shop bronzer in either shade 2 or shade 1 if you are very, very fair. It’s here:

Bourjois Creme Blush, shade 1, Nude Velvet:

Avon 8-in-1 Palette. This was limited edition, but I have found it on Amazon with free delivery: c

Max Factor Eye Liner in Brown Blaze:

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Brown:

Urban Decay Gloss in “Nooner”:

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush:

Zoeva Brushes:… – use code pomgoldcardvip to get 10% of everything on site!

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