Educogym Diary: Days 9 and 10

DAYS 9 and 10

As you can see, I’m grouping my days together here. Out of sheer laziness, but also because the days have been extremely similar!

I am officially ‘out of the woods’ with regard to energy levels – they seem back to normal, which is excellent news! I can really see a HUGE difference in my fitness levels, which is amazing after just nine days. I can do my sit-ups smoothly and quickly – they still absolutely kill, but that’s probably a good sign! I’m impressed at my dedication, if I may be so bold to blow my own trumpet; I have stuck to the eating plan religiously and have trained at the Educogym every day except for Monday when it was impossible! Tomorrow I’m shooting and then I have a session booked in for after work, then on Saturday I’m travelling to a wedding, but not before I squeeze in my session at 8.45am!

Physically, all of this dedication is paying off big time. I look svelte and less bloated, I feel svelte and less bloated. My nails are growing at a ridiculous rate, my hair feels shiny (but needs washing more regularly, I have found..) and my skin is glowing. There’s nothing like almost-instant results to send your motivation levels sky-high; I really do think that many people give up on exercise early on because the results aren’t quick to show. Who wants to have to slog it out for six months and see no change to their body? I can totally understand why many people throw in the towel after just a few weeks…

Not so with Educogym, though. They just don’t let you fail! You have to keep to the eating plan and you have to turn up to the sessions – if you don’t turn up then they’re there on the phone, nice-but-firm, making sure that you’re back on track straight away. I like to think of it as having a Health Nanny – you give yourself over to a certain regime, and so long as you do exactly as you’re told, it will work.

Anyway, enough praise for Educogym for today. What I want to tell you about is my fantasy feast. I have been constructing it inside my head for a few days now, and here it is:

(NB I won’t actually be able to eat this as there’s a maintenance diet (much less severe) once you finish the twelve-day stint. I’m just letting my imagination take over!)

Starter(s): Buffalo Mozzarella and Tomato Salad


Seared Scallops on a potato purée with pan-fried Parma ham.

Main Course(s!): A huge bowl of linguine with seafood, white wine, chilli, garlic and parsley sauce


One of my homemade curries – probably prawn pathia – with chapatis and yoghurt. (I know this doesn’t fit, but I don’t care, it’s wonderful!)

Dessert: One scoop of strawberry ice cream. That’s it. I have been craving strawberry ice cream!

I’ll bet you lucky people are reading this just before having a lovely tasty supper! Jealous…

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