Educogym Half-Price Offer!

Educogym Half-Price Offer!


Just as I was contemplating how to write up my Educogym interim post (results after the first twelve days) this email literally pinged through and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Educogym are offering the twelve-day plan that I did for HALF PRICE! They were actually only offering it to five people but then I went ahead and blurted it out before I could check whether I could tell people about it, so now it’s an offer for five people and all readers of A Model Recommends!

Don’t say I never do anything for you, folks.

If you want to read my full Educogym Diary, then have a look here: THE EDUCOGYM DIARIES

If you want to see a little photo of my body post-Educo, see here: MODEL BODY

And, because I promised a grand finale (which I can’t do until I’ve got my ‘after’ shots from the agency) here are some little measurement ‘teasers’:

In 12 Days….

Body Fat (the most important measurement of all) went from 28.3% down to 25.9%.

Tummy measurement went down by 2.25 inches

Waist measurement went down by 1.75 inches

Fat Loss: 4.5lbs

Muscle Loss: None!

The last measurement is very significant, actually – most ‘regimes’ and diets just make you lose weight, and that weight is often muscle. Not a good idea. Educogym focuses on building muscle whilst losing fat so that your body runs more efficiently and burns more calories throughout the day. I won’t go into the science part again (because I have touched on it already and will be writing about it again when I do my final results) but needless to say that the Educogym system is concentrating on an exceedingly sensible and healthy way to lose fat and tone up your body. I very highly recommend it – it takes a little dedication, and you have to do it properly to see results as fast as I did, but it’s so, so worth it.

Hurrah then for the half price deal! I have no idea when the off-peak hours are (should have found that out really!) but this is quite a brilliant opportunity to get into shape quickly and safely. If you’re able to get to Harley Street (London W1) on a regular basis for just a couple of weeks then I think you’ll really be glad that you made the effort. So – for details, I’d just call the number on the release above (0207 637 5855) and have a chat. Tell them I sent you!

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