Elemis Temperley Safari Traveller

Elemis Temperley Safari TravellerI held of buying this set because I wasn’t sure on the bag size or quality…

Why did I wait so long?! It’s amazing! Considering that the value of the products inside actually covers the cost (there’s a Marine Cream 30ml that alone is worth forty-something pounds!) the bag, designed by Alice Temperley, is just super! (I’m into the word ‘super’ at the moment, you’ll have to just bear with me.) It’s not even a bag, it’s like a little vanity case – solid and perfect for travel! Which, I suppose, is why it’s called the Traveller.

I was so excited when it arrived that I took loads of photos. I’m going to bore you with them now:

Elemis Temperley Safari Traveller(bag with contents having a little outdoor gathering)

Elemis Temperley Safari Traveller(bag being felt-up by my hand – see how big the bag is though!)

Elemis Temperley Safari Traveller(front half of bag, zipped compartment)

Elemis Temperley Safari Traveller(rear half of bag, zipped compartment)

Oh! It’s all just so lovely – I want to go and look at it in my bedroom instead of writing this! I really didn’t expect it to be so nice, so well-finished, so sturdy. It has loads of little pockets and holders inside, a bit like an old-fashioned trunk, and it’s lined! I’d go so far as to say that I’d almost be happy with the bag empty for £79 but then maybe I’m getting carried away..

This is the nicest, poshest vanity case/toiletries bag that I have ever owned. The fact that it has all of the goodies inside (a selection of bestsellers including both body and face products) is an unbelievable bonus! I am more than happy. A cynic might say that you would get four samples like the ones included in one of the gift-with-purchase promotions, but I stick my tongue out to those cynics and clutch tightly my animal-print, fully-lined vanity case..

Elemis Temperley Safari Traveller, £79 from FeelUnique HERE with free worldwide delivery!

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