ELF Matte Lip Color

ELF Matte Lip Color This little bargain of a lip crayon really reminds me, shade-wise, of Estee Lauder’s Nude Velvet. I’ll pop the photo of that below for those who don’t want to read the review from a few month’s back – you can see that they both have that peachy tone that is quite flattering. It’s far more orangey in the ELF version, but then it is supposed to be Coral, and the Lauder Nude. So really, I shouldn’t be comparing them at all!

nude velvet I must try and find that Nude Velvet, actually – it’s gone AWOL recently! Such a nice lipstick…

Back to the ELF. It really goes on very opaque – you have to make sure that you get all the way ‘in’ on your lower lip, otherwise the inside part of your lip looks really dark. I smudge it with my fingertip to make sure that there’s no definite line when I talk or smile! Apart from that, application is a cinch – just scribble it on and go! You can layer over balm if you like, as matte formulas can be quite drying, or you can top off with a gloss or balm for a shiny finish. My preferred method with matte lipsticks is to apply balm about twenty minutes beforehand and let it soak in.

If you like the look of ELF’s Coral Matte Lip Color, it’s £3.50 at ELF Online

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