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I use Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing System a lot. It’s luxurious, rich, nourishing and amazing for removing makeup whilst you lounge about in the bath. I reviewed it ages ago and must revisit it, but if you’d like to read the review in a new window then you can do so here: Emma Hardie Review.

The lush, rich texture of the cleanser works extremely well for me and so it’s part of my skincare routine. It’s slightly too heavy, though, when it comes to moisturising. Emma does an incredible night cream, which I’ll review separately at some point for those with dry skin, but it’s a little too much for mine. I persevere with it and apply it when I need a mood lift, but I have to use it quite sparingly!

Thank goodness, then, for the ‘Lighter Lotion’. I use this quite frequently as a day cream when I’m going to be using a Tinted Moisturiser over the top that contains an SPF. It’s one of my favourite ‘non-SPF’ day lotions – it’s packed full of amazing oils and extracts that both moisturise and protect the skin and it sits very nicely underneath makeup. I also use it at night every so often when I fancy something that’s slightly more delicate but still feels luxurious.

Don’t mistake this for an “oil-free” formulation, it’s not. In fact, it’s really quite good for dry skin – even skin that’s been through the mill a bit. If I’ve been shooting and my skin feels quite sensitive, I often apply a thin layer of the Hydrating Lighter Lotion after I’ve cleansed with the Moringa Balm (no exfoliating if my skin’s raw!). This would actually be a good lotion for models to take with them during show season – I know that Avene is a very good staple for calming overwrought skin, but this offers more of a sensory experience. It really lifts my mood!

Emma Hardie’s Lighter Lotion is £38 with free worldwide delivery from FeelUnique.com

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