Evolve Natural Haircare

Natural Organic ShampooI have been so impressed with this haircare from Evolve – it’s SLS-free yet foams very nicely, it smells good enough to eat and it leaves my hair really shiny. I love the fact that this formula is a detoxifying one – it removes product build-up and general gunk that makes hair seem dull, yet it doesn’t contain any harsh, oil-stripping chemicals. My version of the Detox & Protect shampoo and conditioner is for “oily and congested hair” which is exactly what I have needed over the past week – I’ve had really greasy roots and I’ve also had a couple of shoots, so loads of hairspray and mousse to wash out! This shampoo removed them with no problems whatsoever and left my scalp feeling comfortable and soothed.

Organic Natural ConditionerI had a few problems with the conditioner, namely that it was leaving a greasy residue in my hair. Turns out I wasn’t rinsing properly – you really need to give this a good old rinse, not just a quick slosh about! After rinsing properly – I’m talking a couple of minutes, really combing your fingers through to ensure that every hair is rinsed – this conditioner left my hair soft and shiny. I did need a bit of serum to get it looking silky, but I find that with all natural conditioners pretty much – once you take away the silicon, you don’t get that instant ‘swoosh’ factor’. What you do get, though, is healthier hair in the long-run; nourished from the scalp to the very tips of the hair.

99.6% of the ingredients in this haircare are from natural origin and the packaging is 100% recycled from milk cartons. The shampoo smells just like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and the conditioner smells slightly sweeter – like Terry’s Chocolate Orange Ice Cream, perhaps? Scents aren’t my strong point, as you well know. But scent is by-the-by – what’s important is that this haircare removes product build-up and injects a bit of life into dull hair, all whilst using natural ingredients. A good choice for those who want to make the move to SLS-free products but need a shampoo that really cuts through oil and grime!

Evolve Detox & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner, £10 each from LookFantastic.com

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