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On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Eyeko and their team. They had put on a really lovely event in Islington at the Wenlock and Essex (nice pub, by the way – used to be The Living Room. Is much better now), with very, very good canapés and cocktails. And I’m picky with my canapés and cocktails, me. There were also Lola’s Cupcakes. I’d never had one before because cupcakes aren’t the type of thing that I can really eat on a regular basis, and I’d rather save my ‘extra’ calories for treats of the grape variety, but they looked incredible and so I took one home in a little box and ate it at precisely midnight. (Things don’t ‘count’ if you eat them at midnight, did you not know that? That’s why midnight feasts were invented!)

Whilst I ate my midnight cupcake I had a little think over the event and what I would write about it. Here’s the note that I scribbled on the lid of the cupcake box as I dropped icing ALL over my new black J-Brand jeans: “cool, passionate, fun, friendly, joyous.” More of a list of words than a note really, but nevertheless useful when I’m trying to write something up after the event has passed! Apart from the word “joyous” (I have no idea where that came from!) my little list completely sums up the Eyeko brand. The founders, Max and Nina, the lovely Ling and all the rest of the team were so excited and passionate about their products.  Not in a corporate “we really believe in our new micro-sphere technology patent” kind of faux-passionate – just an honest belief in the range that they have created and a fun attitude towards promoting it.

The photo above shows the goody bag that each guest was given – nail polishes, lip glosses, mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow pencils, a t-shirt and a bag. If you aren’t familiar with the Eyeko brand, then the above photo pretty much sums it up: colourful, fun and…pink! Now: I can hear a few distant voices whispering “can this be the same Ruth that loves Chanel and Sisley and the sleek lines of a Tom Ford lipstick?” Let me tell you that variety, my dears, is the spice of life. Especially when it comes to men and makeup. (Only joking, my love, if you’re reading this!) On some days I like to feel sophisticated and grown-up, on others I don’t. Eyeko’s packaging brings out the teenager in me, I feel as though I want to grab my felt tips and colour in the logo! Don’t be fooled by the cool, funky branding though; the products are excellent. I have been using Eyeko’s 3-in-1 Cream for ages (video coming up soon!) and the Graffiti liquid eyeliner is so long-wearing that it needs to be surgically removed at the end of the day. I use their Pretty Polish and Posh Polish on my nails more than any other brand, and the tinted cream is becoming a bit of a favourite! This is affordable, fun makeup of the very best quality – if Shu Uemura had a love-child with Benefit – Eyeko would be her.

There will be an onslaught of Eyeko videos over the next couple of weeks because the team’s enthusiasm was so utterly infectious! There are going to be a couple of new launches, and I’ll try to keep you updated, so keep your eyes peeled!  And if you order from www.eyeko.com enter the code E11285 at the checkout and you’ll get a free gift!

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