"Face of the Day" February 16th 2011.

ruth crilly estee lauder wild violetHurrah, another Face of the Day! I look a bit like a cartoon thanks to my iPhone 4 and its “flash” that either lights things too much or fails to light up anything. I wanted to document this particular look for two reasons; firstly, you will notice that I am wearing purple eyeliner and mascara. This is very unusual for me. Secondly, this is my makeup eleven hours after I applied it – still looking pretty fresh and funky!

ruth crilly estee lauder wild violetI absolutely love the Wild Violet limited edition eyeliner from Estée Lauder, and the new Sumptuous mascara in ‘Violet’ (not limited) is going to be a new makeup bag favourite. It’s just so fun! Here the lighting makes it really stand out, but in normal daylight the violet is just a hint of colour that only really jumps out at you if the light hits your lashes in a certain way.

This was a bit of a Lauder monopoly makeup wise; the concealer was Smoothing Concealer (£17) and the blush was ‘Nude Nuance’ (£23.50). You might be interested to know, however, that the foundation is from Le Metier de Beauté (shade 4) and the lipstick is from Edward Bess (Secret Desire). You can’t really see the skin properly because the lighting is quite ‘blown out’ but if you can take my word for it then I’ll tell you; after eleven hours my skin was still in pretty good shape. I’ll be reviewing the foundation soon in a different post.

What do we reckon, beauty critics? Do we like the violet eyes?

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