Family Life and France Twice

baby and ruth crilly

I flew back to France this week for a really lovely job. The 4am start wasn’t so lovely, but the shoot itself was brilliant – my first proper bit of filming, with full hair and makeup and so on, since having the baby. The stylist shoehorned me into the smallest corset that mankind has ever seen, which was quite nerve-wracking, as I’m far from having my pre-baby body back, but amazingly, the boning and lacing at the back of the corset completely re-shaped me. Possibly forever. I’m pretty sure I now have four less ribs – perhaps they disintegrated and passed out of my body via sweat and/or urine – and my lungs seem to have been relocated to the bottom of my neck.

Anyway; take your seat in the virtual cinema for ten minutes (ish) of cats, dogs, babies and aeroplanes. The baby is mad about waving at the moment – she waves at everyone and everything, including taps, trees and people on the television – so there’s a little demonstration of her epic talents right at the end.

*this is not a sponsored or paid-for video. I don’t point this out on every post, because anything that is paid-for is clearly marked “AD”, but sometimes a reminder is good. I am a co-founder of the Colab Dry Shampoo brand – you can find stockists here.

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