February Favourites

february favourites video

The February Favourites, as promised; mostly beauty but then a couple of fashion finds that have cheered up my “capsule” wardrobe no end. (When I say capsule wardrobe, I mean it quite literally – I have only one pair of black leggings that don’t hurt my c-section scar, and I wear these on rotation with some jersey cut-off yoga pants. I have three vest tops and two hooded sweatshirts that I can breastfeed in, three soft nursing bras and eight pairs of size 16 M&S high-waisted briefs.)

hush aloha 2017 sweater

I’d like to draw your special attention to the Hush sweater I wear in the favourites video; Hush have some brilliant jumpers this season, but I think that this Aloha one is just so summery and optimistic. And the bright blue makes me – somehow – look quite tanned. You can find it online here, if you fancy a bit of colour injection.

Skincare favourites include the quite wonderful Elastin serum from Bakel and the Miracle Eye Cream from Anne Semonin. I’ve had great results with both – a plumped, less fatigued-looking eye area with the Anne Semonin and an increased feel of elasticity to my skin (forehead especially) from using the Bakel. Both pricey-pricey, but very impressive performance.

(I realised upon finding links for the products in this video that the Anne Semonin eye cream contains retinol, and some say to avoid it whilst breastfeeding. Now look, I did a piece on pregnancy and ingredients to avoid (link here) and I am a bit nervy about some active ingredients during pregnancy, but I think that the amount of Vitamin A you could pass on to your baby via using an eye cream and then breastfeeding would be absolutely minimal to the point of negligible. And I’m pretty sure it’s the developing foetus that you have to watch out for, not a fully developed baby. So I’ll ask around and get back to you on that one, but BOY have I loved using that eye cream!)

Here’s the video – my first after a bit of a maternity break. If you want to read about the behind-the-scenes chaos then read yesterday’s post!

Hush Aloha Sweater:  http://tidd.ly/462c21de

Adidas Primeknit Stan Smith Trainers: http://tidd.ly/11426d8f

Merumaya Exfoliating Toner Sample: https://www.amodelrecommends.com/2017/…

Dior Maybe Nail Polish: http://tidd.ly/9d9ad9a3

Anne Semonin Miracle Eye Contour Cream – just seen that this contains retinol so I’ll probably stop and continue using after I’ve finished breastfeeding! http://tidd.ly/bd30c9a9

Hylamide Glow: http://tidd.ly/a35ffcfc

Bakel Elastin Serum: http://bit.ly/2mQm68D

NYX Lid Lingerie: http://bit.ly/2mQq4y4

Iconic Highlighter: https://www.iconiclondoninc.com/produ…

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