Feline Groovy Tangle Teezer – Miaow!

feline groovy tangle teezer animal print

Just when I thought that Tangle Teezers couldn’t get any better, I spot one in animal print! This style is called Feline Groovy and is one of the “compact stylers”. Now I don’t really get the compact stylers – they have a protective cover for the teeth, but I find it a faff to get on and off and I never have a problem with anything sticking into the bristles anyway. I suppose it would stop the teeth catching on your clothing if you packed the brush in your suitcase, but apart from that I see no need for a lid! I think that the original Tangle Teezer is simply genius and is difficult to improve upon, so I’m a tough customer I suppose…

What I will say about the compact styler is that I think it perhaps very slightly superior, ergonomically. It’s a smidgen easier to grip and sits neatly in the palm of my hand. So there is that, but then there’s the fact that it’s a couple of quid more expensive. Swings and roundabouts, swings and roundabouts… Whatever, I can’t resist a bit of animal print. The Feline Groovy costs £12.25 with free delivery at FeelUnique.com. I couldn’t do without my Tangle Teezer – I use it daily to detangle my hair and it does it so efficiently and gently that I no longer have to kick things or bite on a piece of wood as I brush. It’d be great for kids, I would imagine…

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