Festive Fendi

 Fendi have released two limited edition versions of their fragrance Fan di Fendi, and they are both quite bonkers. The first, priced at £120, is a 50ml bottle that zips into its very own patent leather case, like a little leather jacket! You can see more details on that here: FAN DI FENDI, ESCENTUAL

fan di fendi caseThe second is strictly one for the super-rich (or crazy perfume obsessives!) – a whole litre of fragrance, all packaged up in a Fendi leather case. It’s quite something. Looking at it from a purely economic point-of-view, this actually doesn’t work out too bad on the price point (ha!) with each ‘ml’ of fragrance costing £1.48p. The first option works out at £2.40 per ml! So when you’re trying to convince your man to part with £1,485 for your Christmas present, you can tell him that I’ve already done the maths and, y’know, it makes sound sense. Not only do you get enough fragrance to bathe in, you get a precious bottle and a luxurious case!

Next week: how to justify buying a private jet in five easy steps.

You can view the giant Fendi bottle here on Escentual.com: http://tidd.ly/9bbefa05

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