Fifteen Hair Favourites

In early November I had to clear out my bathroom so that work on it could commence (I’m having a super-duper ultra-designer ridiculously-luxurious bathroom fitted for which I have had to sell a kidney and one of my knee-joints) and whilst I was doing my clearing-out, I made some haircare videos.  I then promptly forgot about them and left them sitting in my ‘to publish’ folder until just after Christmas when I was doing a bit of computer ‘housework’. Here they are, in all their glory – you will note that my hair is darker and sans fringe; this is obviously because the videos were shot ages ago, not because I have reverted to my old hairstyle. (I have to explain these things because you have no idea how many people will ask!) Anyway, these are some of the things I use to keep my hair shiny, groomed and soft. Which is no easy task when you have your hair piddled about with as much as I do…

The first video has my top 5 hair treatments, the second, top 5 serums and the third, my top 5 shine sprays. Shopping lists are below the videos just in case you have trouble working out how to use the pause button!

SEAH Cashmere Cream mask, approx £15. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, £21.50 from QVC. Moroccanoil Treatment, £29.95 from LookFantastic. Sebastian Penetraitt Treatment Mask, £14.79 from BeautyBay. Tints of Nature Reconstructor, £8.99 from Tints of Nature online.

Trevor Sorbie Lightweight Serum, £5.99 from Boots. Phyto Anti-Frizz Serum, £20.99 from FeelUnique. Davines MELU Serum, £18.30 from SalonSkincare. Kiehl’s Cream with Silk Groom, £15.50 from John Lewis. John Frieda Secret Agent Creme, £4.89 from Boots.

Smooth ‘n Shine Spray On Polisher, £3.99 from Paks’s Cosmetics Online, or Ricky’s in the US. SEAH Blossom Brilliance Shine Spray, £12.55 from FeelUnique. Davines Defining Gloss Spray, £10.50 from SalonSkincare. Umberto Giannini Glamour Puss Crystal Mist, £5.49 from Boots. Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray, £17.85 from HQHair.

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