My Filming Equipment, Moka Mascara and some Crazy Animal Close-Ups…

ruth crilly makeup videos

1) I have a new background for shooting my makeup videos against; a chic, blue-ish mid-grey. This will be of limited interest to most of you, but a few people asked on Instagram for details – it’s a Lastolite background and you can get them from photography shops. They do all kinds of colours. Quite pricey, but probably more long-lasting than the cheaper versions and they fold around themselves in a kind of figure-of-eight so that the whole thing fits into a little circular bag. (I say little, it’s just over two feet across.) So there you go, curious people – the rest of you can wake back up again. Just as an FYI, I shoot most of my stuff on a Canon 650D with an STM lens (you need to get the quiet lens, otherwise the autofocus makes a constant noise on video. Unfortunately the good lens costs more than the actual camera, but it’s a necessary evil!). The lighting here is just daylight from a window – I’d say that 90% of my filming is done in natural daylight. I like to give a true representation of how the makeup looks – it’s not very forgiving, but hey. (I’m also lazy and can never be bothered to set my lights up!)

guerlain maxi lash mascara in moka

2) Get this mascara before it goes; it came out last year and there can’t be very many left in existence, but it’s one of the best brown mascaras I’ve ever found. I love Guerlain’s Maxi Lash anyway, the original is just supremely good, but the Moka shade is the creamiest brown and it manages to still retain the “oomph” of a black mascara whilst being really flattering on blondes and the very fair-skinned. Find it online for around twenty quid – it’s at here.

mr bear british shorthair cat

3) Crazy cat and dog close-ups. You’re very welcome. Have a wonderful Sunday! You can read all of the Sunday Tittle Tattle posts by clicking here.

dexter the cockapoo dog

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