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filorga liss and goI first spotted Filorga on a trip to Paris. It’s a popular Pharmacie brand and the latest one to have crossed the Channel over to the British shelves. The Laboratoires Filorga have spent decades researching biological products that would have potent anti-ageing effects; their treatments are medical – think dermal fillers and glycolic facial peels – and their retail beauty products have been developed from the same ‘aesthetic medicine’ roots.

I have been test-driving Filorga’s Liss & Go ‘Express eye lifting’ sticks. They’re basically cotton buds – or Q-tips – that instantly smooth, firm, lift and de-puff the eye area. Each stick is individually wrapped and sealed, and you snap the top of the plastic stick to release the formula into the Q-tip. Once the cotton tip is saturated, you run it over the eye area (one stick treats both eye areas), concentrating on the undereyes and crows’ feet.

Liss & Go promises a ‘botox-like’ effect to smooth out expression lines, plumping-up from the hyaluronic acid, and de-puffing from the cucumber and chamomile. I’m not sure what Botox feels like, having never experienced it, but I can say that these Liss & Go sticks do tighten-up and lift the eye area very effectively. Skin feels immediately cool and smooth, and there is an actual visible difference in tone and texture – an immediate visible effect from a skincare product is quite an achievement in my opinion!

This is strictly a short-term product – effects last for around three hours – and I can’t see that it would have much long-term benefit. It’s a quick-fix, an emergency measure – but blimey, what a measure! These little sticks are an amazing remedy to keep in your makeup bag for last-minute catastrophes; hangovers, jet-lag, an unexpected date. They don’t take up any room, they’re not messy or awkward to use and they’re instant. Perfect for a model-on-the-go who has to go from long-haul to casting in a matter of minutes.

This convenience comes at a price (you knew this was coming, didn’t you?) – Liss & Go costs £32 for five individual applications. That’s…er….£6.40 per application. A bit of a luxury. But if it gets me the job every time, I’ll gladly pay it – the first time I used a Liss & Go was before my casting for the very job I’m in New York to do!

Filorga is available exclusively at House of Fraser’s new Apothecary department – a new beauty section stocking some quite amazing little finds! – or if you happen to visit Paris, it’s widely available in Pharmacies throughout the city.

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