Flutter Eyes get Kabuki-Coloured

On Friday I worked on a Rankin shoot with Ayami Nishimura, a fabulously talented makeup artist with thousands of pages of top-end editorial in her portfolio (click here to see her agency website). Ayami was quite taken aback by my Flutter lashes – she couldn’t believe how good they were! And when I explained how they were attached…well, let’s just say, everyone in the makeup room (about five thousand and eight people, it felt like, including a stylist pretending to be a one-legged leopard) was absolutely stunned! Partly because they couldn’t believe that I would actually be able to stay quiet and still for that length of time, and partly because nobody knew that this type of thing existed!

So well done Kathryn Flutter – you had everybody fooled with your amazing handiwork!

I’d like to now point out the incredible green around my eyes – it was actually much more vibrant in real life, but you’ll have to wait for the final Rankin pictures to see that! This colour was actually from a kabuki makeup range, which is Japanese theatre makeup. You can’t get it here in England, but here’s the website for Mitsuyoshi Cosmetics in case you want to have a look. Good luck with that, by the way, unless you can read Japanese.

For a similar effect, you could try one of the greens from Kryolan’s eye colours, perhaps GR 21 or 37, which are available from PAM London!

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