Following the Clarins Smoky Eye Instructions!

Clarins’ autumn-winter eye palette is the “Odyssey” quartet; a palette with three satin shadows and one that can only be described as “high glitterati”! It’s so shimmery! Large flakes of golden glitter pressed into a creamy shadow base. I followed the instructions that came with the palette to create a very festive smoky eye and I shall most definitely be doing this again – the “base” smokiness is really sophisticated and then the glitter adds a whole new dimension. These really are brilliant shadows for layering and blending and then layering again. The tones are very neutral – not too cool, not too dark – and so they suit most colourings.

If you wanted to recreate this kind of look without the palette (and accompanying instructions) then do this:

1) Take a mole-ish brown-grey shadow and apply to the entire lid, up to the crease. Take a medium or chocolate brown (or darker version of the last shadow you’ve used) and shade in the outer third of your lid. Blend the darker shade into the crease of your eye socket – it will naturally wing out a bit towards your eyebrow tip, but you can adjust later with a cotton bud if you don’t like the shape, and then re-blend to soften the edge.

2) Once you have that brilliant smoky eye, take a light, shimmery shade (or glittery, as used here!) and press it into the inner half of the lid and around the inner corner to really open and lift the eyes.

I’ll pop this palette into a video soon, but I’m not sure how long they’ll stay on counter for. At the moment they are on for £30 – it’s quite a useful little “nude” palette even if you didn’t want to use the go-go-glitter!

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