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What a clever, clever idea this is; a fully customizable moisturising and rejuvenating system that can be adapted to suit any skin type and any situation. Oily T-Zone and dry cheeks? Frazzled, sun-dried skin? Chapped, winter-bashed face? You can use iRejuvenate in all of these cases, and also as an intensive oil, a cool, light serum as well as an effective moisturiser for normal, problem-free skin.

“How is this possible?” I hear you say. And I shall tell you. iRejuvenate has two parts, or ‘steps’; Part 1, which is a Lifting Pro-youth Face Oil, and Step 2, a Regenerating Skin Serum. You personalise your treatment by mixing a certain amount of drops from each bottle in the palm of your hand. For example, if your skin is on the dry side of normal, you can mix equal amounts of the formulas (approximately 3 drops each) and you’ll have a lovely, nourishing liquid moisturiser. If you have a really oily complexion, you can mix a tiny amount of oil (1 drop) with more serum (3 or 4 drops) to create a light, non-oily treatment.

The fact that you can totally personalise your skincare makes this a truly useful system; it means that you actually only need two small bottles of product to deal with any skin situation. I have been testing out the iRejuvenate for a couple of months now, and have taken the Try Me Set (£5) all over the world. So far, I have used it to deal with: an emergency oily nose situation (using just the serum in the T-Zone, and a normal mix elsewhere), chapped, cold skin (pro-youth oil massaged into the skin), a touch of sun-soreness on my nose and cheeks (serum only – kept in the fridge, amazing!) and dullness (3 drops of oil mixed with 1 of serum). What I love is that I’m my own boss – none of the above mixtures were ‘prescribed’ – I just messed about until I got the formula that I needed and wanted. If you know your skin, and you can tell when it’s dry, or stressed, or oily, it’s a piece of cake to mix your own ‘to order’ moisturiser.

I have no problem with using the products separately, either; I have used the serum on its own many times, especially in my ‘oily’ week of the month. I’ve also applied the serum straight after coming back from the beach, then waited an hour or so until massaging in the oil before bedtime. The options are literally endless – and you can purchase the bottles separately, so it doesn’t matter if you are more heavy-handed with the oil or the serum. The serum is really silky and light, whilst the oil feels rich and nourishing without being at all greasy. Both formulas are natural, free from SLS and parabens and petro-chemicals. They would last, at a guess, approximately half a year each, so I think that they’re incredible value for money. If you want to have a little try, then the Try Me Set – already mentioned – is a perfect way to do so. I actually use my Try Me bottles as my travel containers, and decant from my full-sized bottles. If you have a browse through my Model Travel Kit videos, you’ll see them popping up here and there! If you have time before Christmas, the Try Me Set would make a cute little stocking filler!

iRejuvenate Step 1 (oil) and Step 2 (serum) are £36.50 each from, or sell a duo pack for £65.

PS: it’s such a good idea that I shall ignore the small ‘i’ in the product name. iUsually iWould iPoint iThis iOut iAs iIt’s iMy iPet iHate.

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