Fragrance Joy: Jour d’Hermès

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I don’t think I’ve ever found an Hermès fragrance that I didn’t like – for me, they have a special, lingering quality that I remember for years to come. I once spent over an hour sniffing different versions in an airport duty free, somewhere far-flung (Dubai, perhaps?), to try and work out exactly which perfume it was that I had smelt upon the makeup artist. Stupidly, I had failed to write down the exact name and I was almost frenzied in my attempts to possess it! (I never did find out, it’s totally different smelling something on a person and then sniffing your way through a dozen glass bottles as an air conditioning unit freezes your brain.)

Here’s one that won’t escape me, though: Jour d’Hermès, the latest fragrance to be waved from Jean-Claude Ellena’s magic wand. (If that sounds rude, it isn’t meant to be. *Sniggers*) It’s very feminine, very floral. I mean, floral. Brides are going to go crazy for this perfume. It’s got this warm, sexy undertone that gives the whole affair a little bit of weight so that it’s not flimsy and faint. I like it. I like some of Hermès’ darker, deeper scents a little more, but Jour d’Hermès is perfect for taking us happily into springtime. (Hurry up, spring.)

Elegant bottle (created by Pierre Hardy), lots of light, sparkling floral and an underlying hint of orange blossom. This perfume is a woman in a floaty white chiffon dress, pruning her roses in the sun whilst listening to – I don’t know –  Nirvana on her iPod. I suppose what I mean by that is this: it’s a classic, pretty floral but it has just the slightest suggestion of something naughtier. The very slightest suggestion. It’s the garter beneath the wedding dress, the vanilla ice-cream with hidden chocolate chunks.

What an earth am I going on about?

Go and try this out and report back to me in the comments, please, if you fancy. Jour d’Hermès starts at £47.50 and is exclusive to Harrods until the 25th February 2013.

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