Fragrance Review: Fan di Fendi

Fragrance Review: Fan di FendiThe summery freshness of this eau de toilette is really growing on me. It’s zingy but still quite sophisticated, more grown-up than most “light-hearted” scents. The top notes are very fruity – Pear Green Tea, Blackcurrant and Tangerine, whereas the heart notes (apparently. Get me.) are floral; Italian Broom Flower and Yellow Jasmine. The base notes (YES I’m reading this from the blurb – give me a break, it’s exactly what everyone else does!) are Patchouli and Soft Leather.

To be absolutely honest, I don’t “feel” the base notes – it’s all very light and frivolous to my nose. Usually, I’d hate this, but I think I’m coming around to the benefits of these girlyish scents. They lift your mood, for one. Fan di Fendi is definitely a fragrance that I warm to more once it has settled down and mellowed out a bit, but I find that with most of these scents that are described as being “vibrant”. They smash you around the face with fruit and flowers for about twenty minutes, and then you start getting the deeper notes emerging, which gives the whole fragrance more class. In my humble opinion.

Anyhow, on to the packaging, which – for my sins – is always something I pay a lot of attention to. Yes I know we shouldn’t be paying for the packaging or the advertising yadda yadda yadda, but we do and so it had better be nice! This is very nice indeed – the heavy bottle is adorned with a gigantic piece of Fendi ironmongery and has a very expensive-looking cap. Or lid. Whichever one of those words sounds more expensive.

The outer packaging is bright “Fendi” yellow, nice and modern. What do we think? Very summery and sunshiney – has anyone tried this?

It starts at £35 for 30ml from

Check out the teeny tiny version that was in last month’s Glossybox – how cute? I love it when brands make actual miniatures of the perfumes rather than those vials – it must cost a fortune, but they are so pleasing! It makes it hard to resist a full-size purchase…

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