Friday Flash Review: Benefit Bella Bamba

Benefit Bella BambaToday’s Friday Flash Review is brought to you from the studio I’m shooting at – how very exciting! And that’s not the only change this week – instead of writing my review, I’ve videoed it!

I’m not sure I like the video approach – it doesn’t give me as much freedom to ramble away and say stupid things. Videos are much less forgiving to the blundering and rambling fools of the world, so I’d imagine that we’ll be back to good old written word next week.

One distinct advantage with this though; you can actually see the results in real life rather than relying on my description. The Bella Bamba does give quite an impressive flush very quickly – it’s easy to use because it’s multi-dimensional and the shade is a bit of a ‘one size fits all’ kind of shade.

Take a look and see what you think! Obviously life would have been made easier if I had been using a proper brush and not the thing supplied, which is like a miniature sweeping brush. It would be easier to apply blusher with a hand-puppet than with that brush!

One thing that I would like to point out that I forgot to in the video and that is that the Benefit powders – if a little expensive – are brilliant ‘all rounders’. If you’re scared of choosing shades then just having the option of one bronzer or one pale blush or – as in this case – one 3D brightening blush is actually a bit of a godsend. The packaging is fun and the colour can be applied in a sheer dusting or built up to a more intense blush – just don’t go too over the top with it!

Bella Bamba is £23.50 from

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