Friday Flash Review: Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel

Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel“Mmm. Elemis. Is it fair to review Elemis for my Friday Flash? I’m not sure it is, really – I’m so biased! I love it already, and I haven’t even opened the box yet. End of review.”

[Break for three days where I ponder whether or not I can be objective about Elemis.]

“Try again. Be objective about Elemis this time.  Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel, 125ml. Nice solid tube with one of those caps that you push and one side reveals an opening. Don’t know what that’s called, in technical speak, but it’s handy anyway. No lid to take off and lose. Squeeze out some Melting Cleansing Gel…wait! This isn’t the gel I was expecting! It’s creamy and light – can it be classed as a gel? It applies really smoothly and easily and it smells incredible.

I have been using cleansing gels for years now – Clarins have an excellent one as do Burt’s Bees – but none have been as luxurious as this. It just feels…spa-like! I’m massaging it in, and it’s not dragging the skin, it doesn’t feel sticky or thick. It seems to be doing a good job of loosening my makeup, which is good, but it says not to use in the eye area, which means that I can’t take off my mascara!

I should really put it in my eyes, as it clearly tells me not to. Here we go – oh! Not too painful, but not exactly a relaxing experience. Where’s the towel? I’m blind. Where’s the towel? Loo roll? Anything? I can’t see.

[Short interval.]

Don’t rub it in your eyes, it’s not meant to go there. Everywhere else, it’s brilliant! I can see this becoming a staple product. It has Argan Oil in it, which is a favourite with facialists for its wonder properties, and a favourite of mine because it sounds like a Wizard’s ingredient. It leaves my skin soft and absolutely clean and not too tight. It clears up my little oily problem around my nose and seems to keep the oil from re-appearing overnight! Jolly good.

What’s the cost? HOW MUCH? Twenty-seven pounds? Oh hold on, that’s Euros I’m looking at! It’s £19.40. A respectable price. I’d probably pay more for this, if pushed, because it’s excellent and I like the smell. If Elemis could just make me a special version that takes off eye makeup too then they would make me very happy indeed. I’d even pay twenty-seven pounds for it!

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