Friday Flash Review: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eye Shadow

“Now these shadows are something I could quite easily get obsessed with…just look at that packaging! If James Bond made eyeshadows…

Little glass jars filled with what looks like loose powder but is, in fact, the loveliest fine-milled metallic pressed shadow. Incredible.

OK, so I’m off to Sainsbury’s and obviously the sensible thing to do (obviously!) is to create a wildly dramatic eye on myself that will dazzle other shoppers and earn me a hard stare from the checkout girl. I have precisely two minutes before I’ll hear the impatient ‘beeeep’ from the car on the driveway (it won’t actually beep itself, I’d like to add – the butler is driving) and so let’s see what we can do. I say ‘we’ but I am, of course, on my own. If you were all here then a) we wouldn’t all fit in my office and b) nobody would stop chit-chatting for long enough to get any work done. So really it’s a blessed relief.

I’ve just wasted a minute or so on pointless, unnecessary explanations of things that didn’t need explaining so now let’s see what I can do in less than a minute with two Eyes to Kill shadows and one brush. The shades are 06 and 14.


ruth crilly eyes to killNot bad, huh? (Focus on the eyes, if you will, because I didn’t really have a lot going on with the rest of the face!) These eyes literally took me about thirty seconds to “create” – I applied 14 all over the lid and then 6 towards the outer parts of the lid to give some depth. Because the shadows have such a sophisticated 3D effect it’s actually incredibly easy to create a dramatic eye. Thirty seconds and that’s not even an exaggeration. OK, perhaps a few more seconds with a cotton bud for a bit of a neaten-up, but still!

I am most definitely going to be filming a proper video using these shadows – I think that they’re a great little luxury investment. Luxury because they are £24.50 each and investment because these shadows will last for ages. Like an amazing handbag that you might bring out to ‘lift’ an otherwise ordinary outfit, the Eyes To Kill could be saved for glamorous occasions to add glitz and drama to a makeup look. On the other hand…life’s too short for saving – I’m using mine most days!

Keep a look out for these shadows in a video soon – they will absolutely be making a star appearance at some point!

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow, £24.50 from Selfridges HERE

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