Friday Flash Review: Sweet Breath

Sweet Breath“Crikey! I haven’t done a Friday Flash Review for absolutely ages! Better make this a good one then…. What can I write about? Beautiful skin? Shiny hair? The newest, glossiest lipstick? Hmmm…..

Bad breath!

Let’s not go too far into the whole bad breath thing – it’s gross, we all get it now and again, end of story. These little ‘Sweet Breath’ vials are supposed to “kill germs for fast fresh breath”. I much prefer these breath sprays to chewing gum – ever since my mum told me how awful it looked to constantly have a wad of gum “in one’s mouth”, I haven’t really been too into it. I’ll have a piece if it’s an emergency, but I do like the instantaneous results provided by a quick squirt of breath spray.

It’s basically mouthwash that you swallow, isn’t it? I mean, you don’t actually swallow it because it coats the inside of your mouth and there’s no real liquid to swallow, but it’s better than mouthwash because you don’t have to spit it out. That would be embarrassing on the tube, wouldn’t it? Mind you, it’s pretty embarrassing spraying your mouth with breath spray on the tube, so…swings and roundabouts.

You get three mini vials in the Sweet Breath pack. Each one is much smaller than a lipstick – I’m trying to think of a size comparison and my brain is screaming “LIL-LETS! LIL-LETS!” So I suppose I’ll say that each one is about the size of a Lil-let. Or the ammunition cartridge of a Winchester Magnum. (Don’t get those mixed up!)

How does it taste? Minty. It’s pretty powerful – one spritz of minty freshness is about as good as having a half-arsed cleaning session with a toothbrush. It’s a lot less effort, too. Overall, I like these Sweet Breath bullets – they’re tiny, lightweight but extremely handy to have around. I do take issue with one thing however, and that’s this boast: “conveniently clips on to almost anything”.

*Clears throat*

No, it doesn’t, and that’s because it doesn’t have a clip – it has a keyring attachment. I’m being pedantic, I know, but it’s an important distinction for me. I was looking forward to clipping my green vial of breath-freshener to the outside of my new Chanel-esque wool jacket, but now I shall have to wear it pendant-style as Angelina Jolie used to do with that little bottle of red food colouring. A keyring attachment is far more useful than a clip, anyway – if you have your keys, you’ll always have ‘Sweet Breath’! Just be careful if you’re using it when it’s attached to your keys – I have a huge, heavy bunch of keys like I’m the caretaker at Dracula’s castle, and when I spritzed my mouth I also managed to slam about a kilo of jangling metal into my face.

Soo…Sweet Breath. I have no idea where it’ll be stocked yet (but I imagine all leading chemists and Boots-style places) but I do know where you can get yourself a free sample, and that’s here: 

Hurry along now – and if you do think of any bizarre ways of attaching your breath-freshener to things (because it “conveniently clips onto almost anything”) I want to hear about it!”


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