Friends with NutriBullets…

juicing vs blending

A little update: I went for a night out with friends this week, after I had already scheduled my NutriBullet review. Four girls, out together – we went to see The Book of Mormon in the West End, it was great fun, thanks for asking! – and naturally I was quite excited to tell them all about this new gadget I had tested out and this whole “smoothie” concept I had discovered. At which point, they all looked at me as though I was mad and said, quietly, ‘we’ve all had a NutriBullet for ages’!

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I’m so behind – I need to keep up with all of these health trends. The three of them have a very green smoothie every morning and take it to work with them in the special cup with the flip lid. They started telling me all about what they put in their morning smoothies – everything from beetroots to fish oil! Good lord. I have some catching up to do.

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PS: if you’re visiting London and looking for something excellent to do in the evening then I can’t recommend The Book of Mormon show enough. It’s very funny. Quite offensive, but in an eye-opening, self-appraising kind of way. If you don’t like the whole “sing-dance-key-change-jazz-hands” kind of thing then there are certain parts that may grate, but for most of the time you’ll be giggling away. Find more info on this West End show here.

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