Game of Thrones, Handbag Contents and Sparkly Summer Sandals…

game of thrones season 5 premiere

I went to the Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere last night; if you follow my posts regularly then you’ll know that I’ve developed a bit of a “thing” for Game of Thrones. In a way, it’s entirely inappropriate considering my current state: I should surely be cooing over fluffy lambs and searching for patchwork baby blankets and learning some lullabies. But no, I sit watching one of the most ridiculously violent and overly-sexual television programmes that’s ever graced our screens. No butterfly lamps and rabbit sleepsuits for me – I want to watch men thumbing out each other’s eye balls and strange red-haired women burning people at the stake.

game of thrones season 5 premiere

Anyway, I waddled along to the premiere, trying to look as dignified as one can do when they have a girth that equals the equator. To compensate for the fact that my dressing options are becoming so limited, I decided to go for full-on glitz and glamour: a floor-length sparkly gown (the Galaxy dress from Tiffany and Rose – they do excellent maternity stuff for special events and weddings) and gorgeous accessories from Jimmy Choo.

game of thrones season 5 premiere

Because if anyone does glitz and glamour consistently well, it has to be Jimmy Choo. When they pull the stops out, they are completely unapologetic about it. And I kind of think that – when you’re spending a fair whack on a little bag or some special shoes – you want things to be unapologetically “look at me”. My Jimmy Choo sparkly ballet pumps make me smile every single time I wear them – they are just so…out there!

game of thrones season 5 premiere

I had to go for flats because a) I couldn’t risk falling over and b) the dress actually looked better sweeping the floor (or red carpet, in this case!) rather than hanging an inch or so above it. I wore the Wyatt sandal in gold (here); there’s some serious hardware going on with these, so I didn’t feel any less done-up, considering I’d skipped on the heel height. Wearing them really made me yearn for summer; these would be the most amazing summer holiday shoes if you were off to somewhere swish. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be scaling rocks in them or wearing them to go crabbing, but for a chic long weekend somewhere sunny they’d be perfect.

game of thrones season 5 premiere

The clutch is the Camille, though I can’t seem to find this particular finish online. Spacious enough to fit my iPhone 6+, a few makeup oddments (Zelens concealer, Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour in Golden Peach (bit too pearly for me, but texture is beautiful) and a cereal/flapjack bar from Pret. Which I ate, obviously, because if anything comes within a few feet of me I’ll eat it. I decanted the important parts of my purse (some cash, my AMEX card, driving licence) to save space, but I’d say that the clutch is big enough to get all of the essentials in. In other words, it’s not one of those ones that’s impractically small.

ruth crilly model blogger

Overall, a very pleasing outfit combo. I just regret not being able to get any really clear and sharp photos; the lighting was awful. ie: non-existent. Very gloomy and fire-lit and atmospheric, which is great for creating a bit of anticipation but crap for capturing your sartorial efforts!

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