Garnier Anti-Dark Circles 2-in-1 Tinted Roll-On

I really like this product a lot, despite the fact that the general idea behind it is so fundamentally flawed as to be almost insane. The idea is – and stay with me here – that the  applicator dispenses a moisturising eye cream using a cooling metal roller ball, which will refresh and hydrate tired eyes. Tick. Affirmative – the formula/ball combination is excellent, very cooling and soothing. Nice. Now for the odd and slightly deranged bit – the cream is tinted. And it’s not a slight wishy-washy ‘hint of tint’, it’s a proper concealer! I mean, it wouldn’t cover circles that look like bruises, or broken veins, or spots, but it’s a light, easily blendable formula in a lovely suit-all shade.

Where’s the insane, deranged bit, I hear you ask? Well. Let’s have a look at this idea properly. One the one hand, you have a cooling roller ball that dispenses cream, and the user is undoubtedly going to want to roll that metal ball over the entire undereye. (That’s the point, isn’t is? To roll it back and forth in a therapeutic way? Banish those bags?) On the other hand, you have a cream being dispensed that is to all intents and purposes a concealer. And how do we apply concealer, people? Do we apply a thick layer to the entire undereye, or do we dot and pat, dot and pat, cautiously and carefully, building up coverage bit by bit? (Clue: it’s the second one.)

Can you see what I’m getting at here? It’s a 2-in-1 product that should never be a 2-in-1 product. Because you either roll the ball all over and end up with a mass of concealer, or you dispense the right amount of concealer  and don’t get the full, cooling roller-ball effect. As far as ideas go, it’s quite spectacularly mad.

Mad, but great. I have used this at least three or four times a week since Christmas and I just find it really enjoyable! Some days I throw caution to the wind and sit there rolling away, dispensing what looks like litres of concealer onto my face just so I can have the cool roller-ball effect. I have since found out that you can get an untinted version, which could be great for days when I just want to roll, but I would miss the excellent concealer, I think. I must remember to put this 2-in-1 in one of my videos so that you can see exactly what I mean about the bonkers design, but also marvel at the cooling tinted cream. This is such a surprise product for me – I wanted so badly to hate it for its stupidity, but it won me over.

Garnier’s Tinted Roll-On is £10.20 from Boots.

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