Gazelli at Urban Retreat

Gazelli at Urban Retreat

I went for a great facial at Urban Retreat last week – it was the signature facial for Gazelli, a luxurious skincare brand from Azerbaijan. All of their products contain a special ingredient, a ‘White Healing Oil’ which has been sourced in Azerbaijan and adapted for cosmetic use by extracting the active components. The oil reportedly has repairing and regenerating properties that have been recognised in the medical world for centuries and is the ‘elixir’ upon which the range is based.

I think that Gazelli will be a very successful addition to Urban Retreat’s ranges – it’s not excessively priced, the ingredients are all locally sourced, and the packaging is fancy enough to make the range a viable gift option!

The facial was really lovely – I always enjoy visiting Urban Retreat in Harrods anyway, but going for a relaxing treatment is extra-nice! The treatment rooms are small but always at the perfect temperature, and there’s no clattering or chattering from outside – the retreat area is very hushed and professional. (I have mentioned before my dislike for ‘spas’ that are noisy, with therapists chin-wagging outside the door and people hoovering!)

So, my Gazelli facial. I was cleansed, peeled, moisturised, and whilst various things were happening to my face, my arms got the same treatment! I always think that if a facial is highly priced then there shouldn’t be any ‘gaps’ while the ‘mask works’ or you ‘drift away’. You’re paying to be treated, not to sleep! (Although if you fall asleep in the process, then all well and good.) So I was pleased to see that Gazelli and Mette, my facialist, had it all perfectly worked out that arms and hands were buffed and massaged whilst the face and neck were peeled and masked. It was a great system!

This is a good option for those with dull, dry skin – the formulas used, especially those in the professional range, were rich and luxurious. The exfoliating peel was extremely gentle, but really very effective – good for sloughing away dead skin without being abrasive.

I think that this facial will be a popular choice for those booking in for treatments – it’s reasonably lengthy, so you really get to relax properly, and the products used have a good balance of ‘science’ and ‘nature’, which seems to be the new beauty ‘holy grail’! You can have a look at Gazelli‘s products on Urban Retreat online here:

Those booking a facial at Harrods receive a complimentary Age-Repair cream worth £57. Telephone: +44 (0)207 893 8333

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