Getting into the Embryolisse habit

When I work in Paris, I always stock up on Embryolisse’s Lait-Creme Concentre, which is one of the best, most versatile moisturisers that I have ever found. I was surprised when I was first modelling that every make-up artist seemed to rely on this product – it’s packaging didn’t look anything special and I had never heard of the brand, yet they all raved about it!

It’s a rich cream that leaves the skin glowing and healthy looking, yet despite it’s richness it doesn’t leave any greasy residue. In fact, it leaves the skin perfectly primed for make-up so is perfect morning or night!
I mentioned in a previous post about using certain moisturisers as make-up removers – well this is the ultimate. Taking make-up off from around sensitive, tired eyes becomes a dream – much less harsh than a liquid.
It is most definitely non-irritating – in fact it’s great for soothing hot holiday skin or body skin post-shaving.
This really is one of the top must-have products. I have applied a layer of it now as an overnight mask to rehydrate my frost-ravaged skin, and I can drift off to sleep knowing that it is working it’s magic!
Years ago you could only get it by popping over to Paris and scouring the pharmacies, but now it’s a bit easier to get hold of – ScreenFace stock it for around £15.

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