Getting Re-Aligned with Jarod Chapman

I went for a proper, full-on massage with Jarod Chapman last week. By full-on, I’m not referring to “extras” (you dirty lot!) but to the level of intensity and expertise – muscle-wise, there was no stone left unturned. (Oh GROW UP would you! Stop sniggering at the back there!)

Jarod is a bit of an all-round health and wellbeing guru – he personal trains, he massages, he guides clients on diet and healthy living – I like this very rounded approach to fitness. Jarod considers body, mind and soul and I think, without sounding like a hippy, that this is key to a successful healthy lifestyle.

Obviously I’m drinking vin rouge through a straw straight from the bottle as I write this, but I mean well.

Seriously, though, my massage was extremely thorough. The back and shoulder twinges that had been bothering me were worked upon the most, to an almost excruciating degree, but I walked out feeling about two inches taller! Jarod walked me through some follow-up stretches too, simple moves that I can do at home, and I have been doing them! Being tied to the computer (not literally) means that my posture suffers and my shoulders are always up by my ears so it’s handy to have a few stretches up my sleeve.

Jarod actually wrote a very interesting post about posture and the spine – if you spend lots of time at a desk then it’s well worth giving this a read: Crime Against Spine!

Better still, pay him a visit. You can find him in West London and he’s available for personal training sessions as well as massage and lifestyle coaching. If you’re feeling as though you’re in a bit of an unhealthy rut, then it could be just the kick up the proverbial that you need. I was only there an hour and came away promising myself to go to the gym next week and stop drinking wine! (Ahem.)

Jarod’s website is here: and he’s on Twitter (@jarodchapman) if you have any questions.

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