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Gielly Green Exterior Ruth CrillyToday I went to Gielly Green to have my hair trimmed and blow-dried. You may remember the name Gielly Green from my shampoo and hair treatment review a while back – you can read that HERE.

My hair was in desperate need of a cut – for various reasons, it hasn’t been trimmed in ages and when I caught sight of it in a shop mirror the other day I was horrified! The last three or four inches of my hair were wispy and dry, see below:

The top layers of my hair looked quite voluptuous and the ends looked weak and puny – it all just needed balancing out a bit. So! Off to Gielly Green, nicely situated in the quiet streets of Marylebone. A short, short walk from Bond Street tube if you’re a fast walker like me!

I loved the inside of the salon – very welcoming. And an amazing thing happened as soon as I stepped through the door – I mentioned that my iPhone was about to die and the lovely reception girls said that they had a charger and they’d charge it up whilst I was being snipped at! Result.

Gielly Green Interior Ruth CrillyThe interior of the salon (as mentioned) was very welcoming; plush leathers, warm tones. The chairs at the backwash are amazing – having my hair washed is my least favourite part of the whole salon experience, but I reckon these chairs might be the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in. Actually, I was lying down, which is even better!

Gielly Green Interior Ruth CrillyAbove, behold the very chair that I sat in to get my haircut. Nice! Shai (Greenberg, salon namesake and initial founder) and I agreed that my hair needed a good three inches cut from the longest layers, and that the shorter layers just needed a bit of neatening up. We also talked about my fringe – I’m growing it out, so cutting that shorter wasn’t an option. Shai suggested thinning it out so that it didn’t sit so heavily when I pushed it to the side, and I thought that this was a marvellous idea.

Do you know what? Shai did exactly what we had discussed. This rarely happens to me with a stylist who has never met me before – usually it’s a battle of wills, the stylist wanting to do one thing and me another. But throughout the session I didn’t once feel nervous – Shai was quick but very precise. He didn’t ‘talk me through’ what he was doing, but I think that maybe I prefer this silent approach!

Here’s my ‘after’ picture:

Gielly Green Ruth Crilly(Colour hasn’t changed from the ‘before’ picture – it’s just a different light!)

How much better does my hair look? A lot more balanced – the fringe is easier to push to the side, which is now its default position during the ‘growing out’ phrase. The layers are more balanced, the straggly ends are gone! And do you know, I was only in the salon for thirty-five minutes? Bliss. Straight in, straight out and what a difference!

A Cut and Finish at Gielly Green starts at approx £45 for a junior stylist, up to approx £115 for Shai.


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