Gillette Venus Embrace

Gillette Venus Embrace

In a recent post I told you all about how I remove my hair, which I’m sure you found both thrilling and mildly arousing. (JOKE!)

Hopefully you weren’t eating at the time, because all that talk of nether-regions could have quite turned your stomachs! No private parts today though, today we’re all about razors. I have used Gillette’s razors ever since I was a teenager. Now I seem to remember that back then the razors weren’t quite so snazzy as they are now – whenever that “I’m Your Venus” ad came out was probably the turning point in female safety razors. Or was it? I’m having a complete mind blank! If anyone can remember what girls used to shave their legs in the mid-to-late nineties then please do leave a comment below!

I recall that (at my school at least) there was a fad for the Ladyshave, an electronic shaver, but then one girl – Jay – had a terrible mishap involving a ripped foil that split her leg open. Anyway – enough of that! Back to Gillette! I have had the Gillette razors in every single incarnation – single blade, blade with soapy strip, two blades, three – disposables, refillables, the Venus the Breeze, the Malibu the Divine…

Now I’m onto the ‘Embrace’. The heads of these things are just getting bigger and bigger – soon there’ll be a rubber dinghy surrounding eighteen-thousand blades – but you know what? I like it! I’m using it on my legs and on my underarms, so there’s nothing particularly tricky to manoeuvre around. It does ankle bones and backs of knees as easy as pie, and it’s pretty smooth and silky with those bars of slidy stuff that they stick onto the razor head. It’s not quite so silky smooth as the ‘Breeze’, which I think is my all-time fave, but it does have five blades so you can chop your way through the rainforest should you ever find yourself stranded there!

The refills for these razors aren’t cheap, but I find that they last bloody ages! Also, I cheat and get them from Costco, thus saving lots of pounds, but if you’re savvy you’ll snap them up when there’s a Boots offer on! Coincidentally, there is a Boots offer on – the Embrace is down from £8.49 to £4.24! Have a look on Boots HERE!

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