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Don’t worry, I haven’t actually gone brunette. It was just for the day. I think that me going brunette would be a little drastic, and my lovely bookers at Models1 would probably have heart failure! I’d have to re-do my whole portfolio

I often have to have temporary changes made to my hair – usually it’s extensions because they want more length, sometimes it’s hair pieces because they need a gigantic amount of thickness and volume to play with. Now and then, they want to make changes to the colour, and that’s what happened at my last shoot. I’ll tell you more about the actual shoot nearer to the time when you’ll see the pictures, but to cut a long story short, the clients wanted a girl with brown hair. And mine is blonde. Dying it wasn’t an option and so the lovely hair stylist Jon Chapman had to find a way of making it darker without staining it or ruining my existing highlights. In the end he went for a whole load of hair extensions in a sunkiss brown (they were Lauren’s Way ones I think) and then sprayed my real hair with coloured hair powder.

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I have to tell you, the Bumble & Bumble hair powder is amazing! If you ever wanted to change your hair colour for the day then this is the way – forget messing about with mousses and wash-out this-and-that; the spray powder is instant and so easy to use. For touching up roots, too, it’s just wonderful. It does add quite a lot of volume and oomph to the roots, which I’m guessing is its actual purpose, rather than as a hair dye! You can get it at LookFantastic.com – they sell it for £23.80 with free delivery. (Ouch. Is it me or is that actually quite steep for what is basically a dry shampoo with tint?!) Jon used the brown version on my hair. You could also have a go with Batiste’s dry shampoo with colour – they are £3.99 at Boots.com, but I can’t vouch for the final effect!

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In terms of colour transfer and messiness: you wouldn’t want to get caught out in the rain with this hair powder in! It would be fine if you just had it in your roots, but my hair was saturated in it. It didn’t run or streak when I was shooting, and I reckon it would just about withstand some light drizzle, but if you got very wet then you’d have brown rivulets of swamp water running down your face and the back of your neck! It does wash out completely though, which is good if you have lighter hair – there’s no residue left after shampooing and my blonde was back to being blonde instantly.

For anyone wanting to go darker with their hair colour and not wanting to commit to a semi-permanent (which often don’t fully disappear from lighter hair anyway) I think that these hair powder sprays are pretty good. Obviously the shades are few and so you’ll never be able to get a full idea of how your colour would look, but it gives you some kind of guidance as to whether you’d like the change. What do you think – does anyone use hair powder to touch up their roots? Any problems? Anything to add?

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