Green & Spring Refreshing Eye Cream

Green & Spring Refreshing Eye CreamInteresting one this one, because you really don’t expect an eye cream to come in such a big and heavy bottle! You can’t tell that it’s big and heavy from the picture, so you’ll just have to trust me – the fact that it contains 30ml rather than the usual 10 or 15 should be quite a good indication!

I personally think that it’s a wonderful change to see a ‘man-sized’ eye cream – most of the time we worry and fuss over our tiny little tubes of expensive cream, tutting when we squeeze out a tiny bit too much and (sometimes) trying to force it back in if we’ve really gone overboard. (Please tell me that’s not just me?) Green & Spring’s gargantuan offering feels quite rustic – I like to think that a lady would use it at her little dressing table in her thatched cottage just before wandering out into the garden to feed the chickens and chat to the farmer next door, who is quite hot and has no top on. Oh, sorry! Not the last bit, I have no idea where that came from!

Ahem. Another thing I like about this eye cream is the actual eye cream itself. Fortunate, that! It is refreshing, yet the texture isn’t one of those lightweight, watery gels, it’s quite creamy and unctuous! It absorbs into the skin nicely, but it is really moisturising so you don’t feel as though you’re sacrificing your ‘anti-aging precautions’ so that you can have a nice cooling eye treat! The cream contains a blend of pure essential oils and certified organic shea butter amongst other quality natural ingredients. Witch hazel, cucumber and Aloe Vera (‘allo Ruth!) are beautifully refreshing and there’s lavender and chamomile to soothe and de-stress.

It’s very nice – toning and slightly tightening without leaving the skin at all uncomfortable. Perhaps quite a good choice for those who find usual ‘refreshing’ eye products too astringent and drying. The cream smells predominantly of lavender which is no bad thing in my opinion – especially if you’re going to be using it last thing at night!

Green & Spring Refreshing Eye Cream is £32 from Apostle Online

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