Gucci Flora and the Signature Olfactory Flourish

gucci flora

The holiday let I lived in during my late pregnancy had the most incredible wildflower garden; I spent hours poking around it and looking at the various plants, though the photos here don’t do it justice whatsoever! But anyway, when these Gucci Flora fragrances arrived on my little middle-of-nowhere doorstep I was so taken in by their beautiful boxes – true dressing-table fodder. (The fragrances aren’t new, I don’t think, but the packaging is.)

The scents are – as you’d expect – very floral. A little too much for me, probably, though if you adore that kind of “bouquet explosion” then these will be totally irresistible to you. The Glorious Mandarin is fruity and light, the Gracious Tuberose bears little resemblance to Tuberose, to my nose at least, but is a gorgeously sparkly and feminine rose that’s easy to wear.

gucci flora

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Strangely, both of the fragrances above reminded me of one of the first perfumes I ever repeat bought, which was Gucci Eau de Parfum II. I was absolutely addicted to the stuff, and I used to love Gucci Rush, too. The perfumes aren’t remotely similar to the Flora ones, so it’s weird that my brain linked them together. I ‘m wondering whether the brand has some sort of signature olfactory flourish that my nose picks up on.

At any rate, it’s made me really want to get another bottle of Eau de Parfum II. I used to buy it every time I flew long haul. That and Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream

You can find the Gucci Flora fragrances at here.

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