Guerlain Terracotta: Bronzers in a Sexy Summer Shell

best summer bronzers

Bronzer with a “rugged” outer shell? I can get on board with that. Because I do tend to throw my handbag about with gay abandon half the time, accidentally swinging it into brick walls and standing on it and squashing it into impossible spaces in the overhead locker on the aeroplane. Bronzers and powder compacts do not fare well with that kind of treatment – my Chanel Les Beiges powder, for example, lies in around fifty-five small pieces within the casing so that I have to sweep my brush around slowly and carefully in an effort to stop them all from falling out, rather like when those bronzing beads had a bit of a moment a decade or so ago. Makeup powders do not like to be bashed. And so behold:

best summer bronzers

Yes, these are Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powders, but they have a special silicon shell that goes some way to protecting them from lunatics such as myself. These bright, rugged outer jackets just make a cult product even more desirable in my eyes – proper summertime bronzing inside, Miami Beach packaging out. There’s no change to the much-loved Terracotta formulation, it’s just had a wardrobe change. A sexy little wetsuit.

best summer bronzers

The Turquoise Case houses the classic “Natural Blondes” shade, which is by no means limited to blondes, and the bright pink contains “Natural Brunettes”. Again, not limited to brunettes. You can see, hopefully, that the Blondes shade is slightly warmer than the Brunettes – both pack quite a punch and are not for the ultra-fair or those in search of a subtle bit of flush. (Try Joli Teint if that’s you.) The bronzers with sexy outers (RRP £37.50) are £33.75 each at

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