Hammock Withdrawal, Sloth Swaddling and Other Stories

relaxing in a hammock

How-de-doody everyone, I’m back! Feeling revved-up and renewed and all ready for another year. Can you believe that I haven’t even touched the computer for almost three weeks? It was hard work pre-scheduling all of those posts but definitely worth it – I’ve never been so relaxed! Just in case you have been living in a cave, I’ve been on hols. Florida. There’s a whole run of holiday posts coming up, including some very exciting new beauty finds, but for now I shall leave you with my latest discovery: Too Cute. It’s a programme on the Animal Planet channel, something I’ve never heard of because I’ve never had Sky TV! (It is a Sky channel, am I right?) Anyway, they had an episode of Too Cute showing on my flight home and I honestly couldn’t stop laughing, it was brilliant! The series is all about baby animals – this particular one, chosen by the Virgin Atlantic crew (apparently) was on SLOTHS! Who knew that sloths could be so funny?

I can’t access the channel from my TV and I can’t watch them on the Animal Planet website either – perhaps because I’m in the UK. But I’ve found a little clip from the sloth programme on Youtube – this cannot fail to make you smile! http://youtu.be/G-Zfozy7gGI

Really, you need the full 60 minute hit to get through the Monday Blues, so do try and watch it online if you can access it. If anyone finds a way to watch Animal Planet in the UK without buying Sky TV then please let me know. I want to watch the one with the baby goat playing with the puppies…

I must go and have a short nap – I have serious hammock withdrawal and my brain thinks that it’s still on holiday. I’m glad to be back and talking at you all – hope that Christmasses and New Years were all jolly and wonderful!

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