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I love it when my hair is exactly as I want it. The colour, the style, the length. This week I feel as though I’ve hit jackpot, hair-wise; I had my colour done last week at the ever-brilliant Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden. Faultless, as usual. Nathan (John was on his hols!) added some darker, more honeyed tones to bring my colour back down for Autumn. (Did summer even HAPPEN?) I think that this is probably my optimum hair-tone, actually – a massive mix of honey and caramel blonde with my darker ash tones underneath and a few lighter highlights running through the top sections. It makes my skin look more radiant than when I’m rocking the more bleachy-blonde. I’m more and more convinced that a good, wearable blonde is one with many different tones – it shimmers in a way that a solid, bleached blonde can never do. Thank you Trevor Sorbie!

The cut and blow-dry were done at Jo Hansford in Mayfair. I used to go to Jo Hansford for my colour, many moons ago, when I got a very tasty model discount. They have since moved round the corner, onto South Audley Street, into a very swish and modern new premises. It was very lovely indeed – suitably posh for good old Mayfair! I had a good trim – two or three inches – which got rid of my dead, dry ends and then the most superb blow-dry! I needed it to look very Versace Glam for my Telegraph shoot that day and it really looked exceptionally swooshy and expensive as I stepped out into the street. Bonus Event: I had a car taking me to the Telegraph, and guess who stepped out of it before I stepped in? Mylene Klass. She was off to get her colour done, I think. It all goes on in South Audley Street, I tell you! Camilla Parker-B was having her hair done next to me, but I couldn’t see her because they had put a screen up. Obviously they must have known in advance what a nosy-parker I am..

Jo Hansford is at 48 South Audley Street, Mayfair: 0207 495 7774

Trevor Sorbie is at 27 Floral Street, Covent Garden: 0207 379 6901

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