Home Spa How-To: Cleansing!

home facial cleansing Seriously: check me out in my fluffy spa robe! Do I not look the absolute shizzle? I’m pleased as punch with myself! Hahaha…

I had a lovely time at Champneys Tring the other week, filming some videos that I had wanted to do for ages on at-home spa treatments. This is the first video and (with the help of wonderful Katrina) I look at ways that we can make our cleansing routine more luxurious and spa-esque. Obviously you won’t have time to follow these steps every day, but as a weekly treat I think that they work extremely well. Of course if you allow yourself a certain amount of pampering time on a daily basis, be my guest and cleanse like this all of the time!

In this video I’ve concentrated on cleansing balms because I think that they have a luxurious ‘slip’ to them that allows for lengthy massage and indulgent shut-eye sessions. They don’t dry out on the skin (due to the oils) so you can leave them on for ages before removing. I have three that I use regularly, I’ve popped the info below the video pane.

I hope that you find the techniques and massage movements useful – I have started incorporating them into my routine and they make for a nice little ritual.

Cleansing balms from my own beauty collection;

Champneys Super Rich Cleansing Balm, £11: http://tidd.ly/d4012c38

Vaishaly Cleansing Balm, £69: http://goo.gl/Pw2ND

Emma Hardie Professional Cleansing and Exfoliating System, £42 with free worldwide delivery: http://tidd.ly/816993e2

Thanks so much to Champneys for sponsoring this video, for allowing me to film in the beautiful Princess Suite and for lending me the amazing Katrina!


You can find out more information on Champneys on their website here: http://www.champneys.com/

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