Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder Review

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder Review

Extraordinary that The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Powder has turned out to be my favourite bronzer of the summer so far. It’s completely one-dimensional – a simple, no-frills bronzer without shimmer or sparkle or added “healthy glow” – but man have The Body Shop got this shade spot-on! It’s perfect for adding a hint of contour or the slightest kiss of a tan – I’ve used for both, sweeping it all over my face or using a smaller powder brush to apply it beneath the cheekbones.

I have the third shade from a line-up of four – Light Matte, Fair Matte, Medium Matte and Dark Matte. Considering that mine (shade 3) is the second darkest, it’s very delicate indeed. I’ve found it almost impossible to make a mistake with it, even applying it in the dark! You can see it in use in the latest video (Visionnaire Foundation Etc) if you’d like to get an idea of how it looks in daylight. I would say that even very fair-skinned people would get on well with this bronzer, but, (and this is the best thing), there are two shades that are even paler!

If you’re a fair or fair/medium then I’d say go for the shade 3 – any fairer, maybe drop to a 2. Darker and you’ll very definitely need a shade 4. As always, if in any doubt, try it first hand. If you want to grab one online then make sure you check to see if there are any codes running on The Body Shop homepage – there are always very good deals, but you have to put a code in at the checkout! At the moment there’s £15 when you spend £30 or more, the code is 14668.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder is £13 from The Body Shop

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