Hop into my Shower!

October Beauty Favourites

I had a lot of fun filming this video. I’ve decided to do my monthly favourites videos from the bathroom from now on – either in the shower or in the bath. Perhaps when I travel I’ll film them from other baths – that could be interesting! Anyway, this is a lazy-ish post because I’m not feeling tip-top and I’m trying to get the Exclusive Newsletter ready for tomorrow – I’ve had a bit of a week, if truth be known. I’ll fill you in when I’m feeling far less fragile, or maybe I’ll give you a little update in the newsletter. (What’s that? You haven’t signed up for the Newsletter? You want to get a secret little email every season with my thoughts and unedited rambles? Simply pop your email into the box below! Let’s get you into the inner circle!)

Now that you’ve done that, let’s get on with the show! Do you have a towel at the ready? Brought your rubber ducky along? Right then – shower caps on, and let’s get to it! (If you can’t see the video pane then click HERE – you can find the product list below.)

Charles Worthington Shine Booster Treatment: http://tidd.ly/6923a423Phyto Subtil Elixir: http://tidd.ly/9ffe5a46Australian Native Botanicals (£3 each!) http://tidd.ly/9f89b8dcWella SP Shine Define Mask: http://tidd.ly/1323b40a

Superfacialist Cleanser: http://tidd.ly/5eefc7a2

Dr Jart Bubble Foam: http://tidd.ly/286b9f35

Clarisonic Mia – same as mine but without beeps! : http://tidd.ly/cc2234f

Clarisonic Mia 2 – only at SpaceNk at the mo. Has beeps!

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask: http://tinyurl.com/8qkqt62

Bliss Hot Scrub: http://tidd.ly/baa1eea0

Kings & Queens Honey Shower Gel: http://www.powderrooms.com

Barefoot SOS Wash: http://tidd.ly/1aeb79b2

Alpha-H Clear Skin Wash: http://tidd.ly/a7ebdcd2

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