Hot Days, No Work and Sex in a Lay-By

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I indulged in a spot of clickbaiting at the weekend. I simply couldn’t resist it. Mainly because I was looking forward to the comments from people utterly incensed that I would dare use the word “sex” in a video title (disappointingly few, I must say – I obviously have viewers with a good sense of humour) but also as a little experiment.

Clickbaiting, for those unfamiliar with the term, is the practice of using a really sensationalist, cheap-shot title to get people to click through to your video or news article. It’s something that gets them curious enough to watch or read but then usually leaves everyone feeling a bit cross and deflated when they realise that the feature or video in question is an unexciting piece of clap-trap. I’m not saying that my vlog is an unexciting piece of clap-trap – it has me in it, hello! – but I have most certainly bunged a bit of misleading wordery onto the end of my title.

Hot Days, No Work and Sex in a Lay-By.

What a hoot! You have to get your kicks somewhere, and trying to give my vlogs interesting titles is a detestable task that makes me want to remove my own brain with a set of greasy barbeque tongs. I rather like my jazzed (sexed) up title and, in case you’re interested in the results of my little experiment, the video had twice the usual views. I may try and make up more and more ridiculous vlog titles, just to test people’s breaking point.

“My Dog Married an Alien and I was the Bridesmaid!!”

“My Disgusting Secret Involving Some Shoes!!!!!!”

“Follow Me Around My Luxury Wardrobe: It Takes Eight Days and Ends in Narnia!!!!!!!!!!”

Hot Days, No Work and Sex in a Lay-By seems pretty tame now I come to think of it. (To be absolutely clear, I do not have sex in a lay-by in this vlog or – indeed – sex anywhere at all. I have a newborn baby and a toddler, for crying out loud. I can just about muster up the energy to type the word “sex”.)

I’ve just noticed that my last post had the word “porno” in it and this one has the word “sex”. About two million times. I sincerely hope I’m not going to get a sudden gush of people looking for naughty material to read! Rest assured, my brief dalliance with the seedier side of the internet is over and we will be returning to the safe, soft embrace of the beauty world in the next post. Which is a feature on nude lipsticks, entitled “HOW I LOVE TO BE IN THE NUDE!”


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