How to Care for your Hands

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An oft-requested feature, this one, but if you’re looking for manicure tips then I’m afraid I’ll disappoint. I rarely mess about with my own nails in terms of cuticles and so on – I file my nails when I need to, but for serious maintenance of the nail beds I go for a proper manicure every few months. (Though I’ve worked out that I’ve only been twice in the past year! Naughty.) My hands seem to stay in pretty good shape in-between visits, so I thought I’d share a few basic tips. And they really are basic; moisturising, using an SPF and making sure that you don’t mess about with those pointy cuticle scissors unless you absolutely know what you’re doing!

The products mentioned in the video are a few hand creams that I use a lot and a selection of nail strengtheners that I use when I’m not wearing any nail colour. Which is surprisingly often, as I’m quite a low-maintenance beast when it comes to manicure – if I wear polish at all then it’s usually a nude one. The rest of the time I either keep my nails clean, massaging some oil into them once or twice a day, or I use the Orly Nailtrition or the OPI Nail Envy or the Dr Lewinn’s Renunail. All seem to work very well indeed – but none so much as my latest discovery, Imedeen Hair & Nails! It’s a supplement – I’ll post about it tomorrow with a few more details.

So here’s the video – for those wanting to know more about the makeup I’m wearing in it, there’ll be a filmed demo later on this week. For now, enjoy some hand chat – those reading via email need to click here to watch!

Products Mentioned:
Omorovicza Hand Cream
Burt’s Bees Hand Cream
Dr Organic Royal Jelly Hand Cream
Dr Lewinn’s Renunail
OPI Nail Envy
Orly Nailtrition
Imedeen Hair & Nail Supplement:

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