How to Choose a Party Dress!

I had lots of requests for a “party dress” video, so here it is – rather more a guide to shapes and styles than a run-down of the exact dresses out there, but if I have time in the next week or so, I will try to do that too!

A brief word on the dresses, from a more personal perspective than I include in the video:

Ruth Crilly Fashion Blogger

1) I have to admit that I wouldn’t normally go for a dress like number one, these days; though I’m pretty happy with my figure, it doesn’t really occur to me to go all out and have lots of flesh on show. What I will say, however, is that as the zip went up at the back, I suddenly felt quite energised and ready to have some fun – something that doesn’t happen so often in these years of tax returns, mortgage payments and being grateful to crawl into bed early at any given opportunity! (I exaggerate, of course, but you know what I mean.) I can absolutely see myself wearing something short and cheeky, now, over the Christmas hols. Perhaps for New Year’s Eve in Miami? (Haven’t told you about that yet, have I? Watch this space.)

Ruth Crilly Fashion Blogger

2) Dress number two is a classic wrap dress and I do find this style very easy to wear, especially when it’s a faux-wrap and you don’t have to actually mess about with getting the crossover correctly positioned! You can find wrap dresses with short or long sleeves, a knee or above-the-knee length and a fitted or more relaxed-fit top half. Something for everyone. I like them in a bold print (as you can tell!) but black can look very chic and sophisticated – personally I’d steer clear of wrap dresses in a solid, bright colour as they can look a bit swamping, but as always it’s down to preference. Wear what feels right! I’d say (out of all three styles) that the wrap dress is the easiest one to transition from day into evening – if you’ve a work do straight after finishing then the wrap dress can be jazzed up with some great jewellery and sky-high heels.

Ruth Crilly Fashion Blogger

3) The fairy-floaty babydoll dress is the most versatile in terms of “ways to style”, I think. Biker boots and a tough leather jacket look just as good as killer heels and a faux-fur thrown over the shoulders. For those wanting to show off their legs but perhaps aren’t quite so confident about their tummy and hips, this style drapes down from the bust and skims those areas nicely. A delicate fabric such as silk will make this a wardrobe staple that can be worn pretty much all year round, but if it’s a short cut then do look for a hem that carries some kind of weight so that you’re not constantly checking to see if your knickers are on show! Right – here’s the vid. Hope you enjoy it – wobbly filming is to be blamed on Mr AMR, who couldn’t stop laughing at my foot-dancing.

Who has a new dress for Christmas? Details please!

Unfortunately, due to the fact that Youtube can’t get its act together, I can’t embed the video – or any video, for that matter – into the page. It just plays the latest video that has gone up! So, to watch my masterpiece of film editing (and hear some pretty funky music!) you will have to click here or on the image below. Sorry!

Ruth Crilly Style Video

With many thanks to TK Maxx for sponsoring this feature – please see below for more information on the dresses!

All three dresses were provided for this video by TK Maxx.

Dress 1 was £29.99

Dress 2 was £100 down from £400

Dress 3 was £169.99 down from RRP of £700!

For more dress details please see:

Link to the makeup video:

Shoes are all from TK Maxx – red patent, black fabric and animal print fabric with a red patent detail. All £39.99 and I wore a size 6.

All background music used is Royalty Free from Kevin Macleod at – with many thanks!



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