How to Choose a Party Dress: Prices and Details

If you’ve arrived at this page is probably because you have just watched the “How to Choose a Party Dress” video. If you have, by some stroke of ill-fate, arrived here by mistake then you can still watch the video – just click here. This page is a details page for the dresses shown in the video, for those who are curious and simply must know what I wore!

If you have shopped at TK Maxx before, you’ll know how it works: low prices and fast-moving stock. For that reason, I haven’t stated the brand names of the dresses underneath the Youtube video – I think I’d get 1,001 people wondering where they could get the exact dresses. The video is supposed to be more a “guide to style” than looking at the exact dresses I’m wearing.

 If you particularly love one (or all) of them, then I’m sorry that there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find it/them. Such is the way of life! If you hot-footed it to the High St Ken branch in London you might be able to pick up the blue dress, but the others only had one of each. That said, if you fancy having a rootle for them in other branches, be my guest. The prices and details are below!

Dress 1: Jill Stuart, £29.99. I wore a size 8.

Dress 2: Robert Rodriguez, £100 down from £400. I wore a size small.

Dress 3: Stella McCartney, £169.99 down from £700! I wore a size UK10.

All of the shoes were by Guess and cost £39.99. There were quite a few pairs in all sizes, but that was last week!

Good luck!

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