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Two weeks ago, my legs were in a bit of a state. Not at all presentable.  As well as my thighs being a bit wibbly, thanks to my many weeks sitting like a slug in front of the computer, I had managed to burn my bottom (don’t ask), get bitten by some horrid flea-like insect outside of a pub (in London!) and cover my shins with mysterious bruises. After bath-time, my routine was ridiculous; Arnica for the bruises, Cicaplast for my dry shins, Camomile for my burns, Tea Tree for my bites and some serious hip and thigh massage going on to try and help drain away some of the wine fluid that was hanging about my middle regions.

All this on top of my usual moisturising routine! It made me chuckle, so I thought I’d make a video about my “legs kit”. Essentials and some non-essentials for getting perfect, summertime legs. Because legs do tend to get a bit neglected in the old beauty routine, don’t they? A quick blitz with a razor and then a nominal slick of body lotion – sound familiar? (Don’t even get me started on feet. What is it about feet that makes them just so unappealing, beauty-wise? I’d rather wash the dishes than do anything with my feet! Necessary evil.) So this is my all-in-one quick fix solution for getting perfect legs in no time at all. It’s my emergency routine for when I get an unexpected modeling job and it’s my maintenance routine for the rest of the time. When I remember.

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Obviously the biggest step, as you’ll see in the video, is the toning step – that’s the one that’ll make the most difference. Topical potions can only polish up the surface – it’s the muscles underneath the skin that need to be honed if legs are to look in tip-top condition! I mention a Fitness DVD in the video and I’ll be writing about that in more depth very soon; it has some pros and cons that definitely need to be discussed. But all of the other products in the video give quick and easy solutions to common leg “problems” – bruising, dry skin, razor burn, ingrown hairs and so on. There are also two products that are new to me  (the Skin Doctors Hair no More and Vein Away) that I’ve just started using and will do a progress report on in a couple of months’ time.

So I do hope that you enjoy this one – makes a change from talking about faces, at any rate. Those reading this via email will need to click HERE to see the video, otherwise just scroll down past the product information and links.

Things mentioned in my Perfect Legs Kit:

30 Day Shred Video:

Elemis Nourishing Scrub:

Exfoliating Gloves:

Skin Doctors at Boots:

Pai Comfrey & Calendula Body Lotion:

Mama Mio Shrink to Fit Hip and Thigh Cream:

Pure Potions tins:

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume:

Beau Bronz Gradual Tanner – mine was part of this set:

Caudalie Divine Legs:

Vita Liberata Skin Perfecting Illuminiser in Latte Light:

With thanks to Skin Doctors for working with me on this video – you can find more product information here:

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