Hoola Bronzer (by popular request)

I’ve had loads of people asking me what I think of Hoola Bronzer, and so here it is; a Hoola Bronzer video demonstration.

My Hoola was purchased in 2007 and used once. Since then it has lived in the ‘reserve’ section of my chest of drawers, along with the ‘spare’ tweezers, the wacky eyeshadow shades and the mascaras that dried up about a decade ago. But due to popular request, I have dusted it off and given it a second chance, and here are my thoughts:

1. It comes up very dark on my skin – if I apply it too heavily I look ridiculous (think Ross from Friends in the spray-tan booth episode)

2. I like the matte finish – there’s no sparkle here whatsoever. Perfect for those who wish to add gleam and glitter separately

3. A little goes a long way, so it’s not exceptionally expensive

4. The brush is entirely useless unless you want to have two dark brown streaks on your face, a la an eighties hooker

5. I like the packaging – very kitsch and cool

6. A flattering colour if handled with absolute care and attention – slap it on quickly and it’s a one-way ticket to Tootanned Town.

So there goes; I gave it a try. Again. And I like it more this time around; although I still find it to be one of the most difficult bronzers to apply in a sensible fashion. Have a look at my audio-visual presentation, in which I talk in depth about the molecular makeup of the product, and discuss the pros and cons of the use of talc in cosmetics. Not.

Hoola Bronzer is £23.50 from Benefit

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