Hylamide: The Most Gradual-est of Tans, But Well Worth the Wait

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You’ve maybe already heard of Hylamide: they do an incredibly affordable serum called SubQ that is getting rave reviews. A powerful hydrator, light in texture and packed full of collagen-boosting peptides, it’s a real skin-plumper that slips easily underneath whatever moisturiser or SPF you want to plonk over the top. (You can find it here online with more info.)

Hylamide have introduced some “boosters” to target specific skin needs (or “wants”, in this case!) and  the Glow Radiance Booster has really impressed me. It’s not actually that often that you see proper visible results with a product after just a couple of days, but this Glow Booster had me checking my face to make sure that it was really makeup-free – I looked so healthy and glowing, as though my skin had a little layer of complexion enhancer or BB cream on it!

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It’s basically a (very very) gradual tanner-with-benefits – except that it doesn’t work in the usual gradual tanner kind of way. It doesn’t use DHA, which is present in most self-tanning products, instead there’s something called keta-sugar that slowly develops a tan over a number of days, and then there are peptides that boost the skin’s natural pigment to build colour over time. It’s self-tan for the very patient, but the benefits outweigh the waiting time; the colour is as natural as you’re ever going to get and the product is absolutely foolproof. Even more foolproof than the tan drops that you add into moisturiser (had un petit accident with those the other day: let’s just say I had a facial tie-die experience after applying after a hot bath) and no smell whatsoever. It’s just the lightest liquid that you quickly spread over your (dried) skin after cleansing and then follow with your usual skincare.

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It does give the most beautiful glow – as I say, I had to double-check my face to make sure it was free of foundation, because it looked so good – and I love that there are longer-term benefits to enhance an even skintone. Which is what we are all after at the moment, according to the beauty marketeers – no longer worried about wrinkles, that’s so 2009…

Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster is a rather pleasing £20 – you can find it at Escentual.com here*.

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